Studies show that the average American consumes at least 2 and half times the quantity of salt needed. The recommended max intake of salt a day is only 6 gm. That is a level teaspoon of salt. Processed foods-accounts for around 75 % of an average person's salt intake. Cooking your own clean meals help counteract or balance both sugar and salt issues. Especially if you are the one in control. I am really cautious with anything that comes in a can, a box, or a bag pre-packaged.


01/24/2012 2:33pm

What is your opinion on Ensure Muscle Health? I like the product because it is Gluten-Free. I have noticed diminished muscle mass since I passed 40 a few years back. I noticed it has 240gm sodium

01/25/2012 1:48pm

Two factors I would be concerned with Ensure..... 1) the amount of sodium combined with the rest of your days meals. And 2) one I feel is even more important the amount of sugar. Now that being said.... I'm impressed it gluten free!!!!


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