Is introducing caffeine to a diet a good idea?? If so in what form?? We have been reading alot lately on caffeine and the metabolism and possible pre- workout affects neither of us are coffee drinkers.I may have had 4-5 cups of coffee in my entire life.LOL Same goes for Marci,we just dont touch it. Is it a good introduction to our diet plans or just leave it out?? If it's a good addition are there other ways to consume other than drinking coffee?? If not, what can we possibly add to it healthy wise so it doesn't taste like "DIRT"?? Thank you and we are both seeing some awesome results with your help..


02/07/2012 9:42pm

Caffeine is found in most pre-workout drinks. I personally use pure caffeine pills as a way to lean out but I m sure any doctor will tell you that s not the most healthy way and can cause havoc on the thyroid. There are sugar free energy drinks I like. Amp and red bull that have plenty of caffeine, But if your already seeing results... I would save the caffeine for the stubborn last bit of weight or leaning out for a contest.


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