Happy Thursday! What's on your fitness agenda today?
It's no secret the word DIET is not the most popular word when it comes to weight loss or weight control but it doesn't have to be extreme. Implementing a few changes in your meal planning can make a difference in your weight loss or control. Dump the sodas and sports drinks for green tea instead. Loaded with anti-oxidants that help fend of cancer but this tasty drink will speed up your metabolism and burn up more fat.




Thank goodness it's Friday!
After a long week of working out and working others out. I have become so physically tired that it is time for my body and mind to heal. Taking time off is critical for anyone trying to achieve long term weight loss goals. Repair is just as important as working the muscle into fatigue. This is an opportunity for me to eat less strict and enjoy being alive and healthy. Enjoy, Recover and Resu
Well, it took me approximately a year and one-half, but I have reached my goal: 115 lbs. and size 2P. Lots of dedication and the expertise if a most awesome personal trainer who delighted in pushing me (and listening to me whine) has paid off immensely! I keep walking past glass buildings checking out my butt! Woot!!!